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Benefit of Plastic Pallets    
Environmental Friendly

ECOPLAST PALLET is more environmentally friendly than wooden and other pallet. In terms of recycle, plastic has more advantages than wood and other. ECOPLAST PALLET are more easy to be recycle while wooden and other pallet involves a lot of issue when it comes to recycle, such as nail removal and high recycle cost.
Recyclable and Cash return

Recycle is our main theme. Our ECOPLAST PALLET is made fully for recycle purposes. You can just dispose it for recycle. SAVE THE WORLD FOR BETTER TOMORROW.
Save Cost on Freight and Reduces Import Export Complaint

Because our Ecoplast pallet made of ‘PLASTIC’, it weight lesser than wood. Weight less means it cost less for delivery. Wooden pallets received more complaints than PLASTIC pallet because wooden pallet can infest pest such as termites and other harmful insect. Wooden pallet need to be fumigate before they are allowed to be used for transportation. PALLET eliminates this disadvantage because ECOPLAST PALLET does not need any fumigation.
Custom Made

Our R&D department has the specialty in designing this ECOPLAST PALLET to meet your requirement. We are very flexible to adapt special transport needs and all sort of request needed to adapt with the product.
Pest Free

ECOPLAST PALLET is not exposed to environmental threat such as ‘pest’ as much as wooden pallets do. It helps to lower maintenance cost while warehousing and delivery of Plastic pallets.
No Fumigation

Meet International Requirement on trade ISPM15 FREE as approved by CROP PROTECTION AND PLANT QUARANTINE DIVISION. Even our ECOPLAST PALLET does not need heat treatment. We are pest-free and non toxic.
Durable and Shock Proof

ECOPLAST PALLET are strong in terms of durability because of its PEHD material property. ECOPLAST PALLET can handles weight as much as 4 ton of load. ECOPLAST PALLET is shock proof because of its shock absorbent texture design. This advantage makes it perfect for product packaging – to prevent product damage
Light weight

ECOPLAST PALLET is made of recycled PE material. Plastic is much lighter than wood and other. In terms of handling and load lifting, our ECOPLAST PALLET is easier to handle than wood and other.
Moisture Resistant

ECOPLAST PALLET is moisture resistant. Wooden pallet absorbs heavy moisture and can be caused of fungus during the transportation.
Reduce Injury Compensation

Our pallets are produce without any use of nails and splinters. This advantage helps to prevent unnecessary injuries. Because of ECOPLAST PALLET is made of plastic, it weight lesser, no nails and no splinters, makes it safer for employee to produce, pack, load and transport. It is a much safer product to work with rather than wooden and paper pallets.
Save Space

ECOPLAST PALLET will Save your space and time, these are nestable, means can put one on to another. In one meter height 25 nos. pallets can be stored , while only 7-8 wooden pallets can stored in the same space . Also this can be store in quantity and as per Your future requirement , because this has not required any fumigation OR Heat Treatment, hence no time limit in dispatch the consignment. This will also eliminate the delay in dispatch due to non availability of Fumigated pallets, on time.
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